What Type of Anesthesia is Used for Dental Laser Cleaning?

Unlike traditional gum surgery, laser gum surgery does not require the use of any type of intense anesthesia because it is minimally invasive. In addition, laser gum surgery does not require an incision or stitches, so only local anesthesia is needed. This means that the dentist will not use anesthesia to fill cavities, nor is it necessary for root canals or periodontal disease treatments when using a laser. This is because laser dentistry is less invasive and does not require altering healthy tissue or tooth structure, and bleeding is minimal.

The laser removes tissue as needed and cauterizes it instantly so that the dentist doesn't have to stitch the area. When Fetner & Hartigan opened its doors in 1988, they quickly became known for their “minimally invasive patient-centered therapy”. This is one of the reasons why they have earned a reputation for excellence and continue to enjoy it today. One of the bases of periodontal health is a meticulously cleaned root, free of bacteria (plaque), stones (tartar) and toxins embedded in the diseased root.

Root scraping and smoothing (SRP) is the technique used to achieve this goal and is one of the most difficult procedures to perform well in dentistry. Patients can expect to feel comfortable during the procedure, with the exception of mild temporary cold sensitivity and cold sensitivity. After root smoothing, patients can expect to return to work immediately after the consultation. Dental lasers are powerful enough to cut through tooth structure, while soft tissue lasers are used for periodontal and other treatments.

This makes laser dental treatment less expensive and more effective than ever before. It also eliminates pain and reduces procedures, making it easier for people to visit a dental office without developing dental phobia. Overall, dental professionals make dental laser treatment their first choice due to its effectiveness and minimal invasiveness. Before getting laser dental treatment near you, it's important to understand what it involves and how it can benefit you.

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