Is Laser Gum Cleaning Painless?

If you don't have periodontal disease and want to contour a “gummy smile,” your dentist will use a diode laser to cut off excess gum tissue and sculpt a more attractive and even gum line. Both procedures gently cut through gum tissue and bleeding is common, but there's nothing to worry about. Because local anesthesia is used, the procedure is usually painless and can be completed in a single visit. If gum surgery is more invasive, anesthesia is sometimes used to put the patient into a “twilight dream” simply to eliminate cases of pain during surgery.

To plan a procedure, you can visit our website for pre-treatment instructions. If you have periodontal disease, your gums are infected. Gums swell, turn red, hurt, and may bleed when infected. If the infection doesn't heal on its own, it may get worse and even teeth may be lost.

Gurinsky may recommend laser periodontal therapy to eliminate gum disease and protect your teeth. Periodontal laser treatment remains 85 percent successful for most patients. Laser teeth cleaning has been shown to be effective in restoring gum health, allowing patients to keep their teeth as they age. This minimizes the risk of more serious oral health problems, including oral cancer.

Gum disease is a silent disease that can cause tooth loss. Laser gum treatments are an effective alternative to painful gum surgery. Non-surgical laser gum treatments use laser light to selectively remove inflamed and diseased gum tissue and leave healthy gum tissue intact. Lasers are incredibly precise and accurate, so the laser isn't aimed at anything other than problem areas.

Rodrick has completed nearly 300 hours of continuing education in laser dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, laser endodontics (root canal therapy) and dental implants. There are only a few dental lasers on the market that offer laser gum treatment and only a limited number of periodontists and dentists trained in these new techniques. There are many ways to find a quality laser dentist who can perform non-surgical laser gum treatments. Perhaps the biggest advantage that laser teeth cleaning has over other periodontal cleaning methods is that it leads to much lower levels of anxiety among patients.

First of all, laser dentistry truly offers the best quality of dental treatment available, with the least possible amount of discomfort for my patients. However, with laser tooth cleaning, the dentist can now remove infected tissue and prepare the gumline for a less invasive root scraping and smoothing procedure without causing any real discomfort to the patient. If you have symptoms of gum disease, such as tender or bleeding gums, you may benefit from laser teeth cleaning. With the introduction of dental lasers, non-surgical laser gum treatments are becoming established as the treatment of choice for treating gum disease.

Laser teeth cleaning, also known as periodontal laser therapy, has become a very popular method of treating gum disease. Periodontal laser therapy uses a dental laser to remove inflamed gingival tissue from the area around the tooth. Non-surgical laser gum treatments get results, requiring no anesthesia, cuts or injections, and the gums are treated and healed with the power of the laser light of a dental laser. Laser teeth cleaning can remove infected tissue along the gumline and restore full gum health.

Thanks to advances in dental lasers, people with gum disease can now opt for non-surgical laser gum treatment as a safe and effective alternative to painful and invasive gum surgery.

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