The Benefits of Laser Teeth Cleaning

Lasers are a powerful tool in the dental industry, allowing dentists to perform precise and delicate procedures with minimal discomfort to the patient. Laser teeth cleaning is a revolutionary way to clean teeth and gums without the need for scraping or removing the gum from the teeth. This procedure is becoming increasingly popular due to its ability to reach deeper areas of the gums and teeth without causing pain. It also helps with periodic cleanings and for patients who need help managing apprehension.

The conventional way of cleaning teeth in depth is known as root scraping and smoothing. This involves the use of metal dental tools to carefully remove plaque and tartar from tooth surfaces, below and above the gum line. Cleaning below the gum line is particularly important, as deep cleaning is generally done as a treatment for gum disease. Gum disease is caused by plaque and tartar entering the gum pockets, which causes an immune system response.

Laser technology allows the dentist or hygienist to reach deeper areas of the gums and teeth without causing pain to the patient. Deeper laser teeth cleaning ensures that the entire mouth is healthy. Any gum disease that is present will be more likely to stop and plaque and tartar can be removed from all of your teeth. Laser Teeth Whitening is also becoming increasingly popular.

At Columbia Advanced Dental Studio, we can transform your normal smile into something truly beautiful. If you're tired of having yellow or stained teeth, you're not alone. In our high-tech dental offices, we can perform in-office whitening treatment with spectacular results. Your teeth can become eight shades whiter or more in a single session.

Lasers essentially activate the whitening solution that is placed on the teeth, meaning that your teeth will whiten much faster than if you treated them at home. When deciding which option to select, consider how much time you have to spend whitening your teeth and whether or not you have an immediate event that you want to whiten your teeth for. If you're short on time, you should definitely undergo in-office laser whitening treatment. We can schedule it and improve your smile in time for a new job interview, family vacation, weddings, etc. Lasers are revolutionizing dentistry, but generally a family dentist continues to use traditional metal dental tools, so a visit to a laser dentist is necessary. If the dental office doesn't offer this cleaning method, it may be time to book an appointment with a dental health expert using this advanced technology to clean your teeth in the office. Laser dentistry has revolutionized dental care to the point that procedures can be performed so comfortably that you'll hardly notice that they're doing it.

Lasers were approved by the FDA in the early 1990s and are quickly becoming the instrument of choice in a number of dental procedures. Dental lasers also help with periodic cleanings and for patients who need help managing apprehension. Lasers have been used over time to treat dental problems and are starting to become a widely accepted method of cleaning teeth. After laser teeth cleaning, you'll leave the dentist's office with clean, healthy gums and teeth that will far exceed what you get with regular deep cleaning. The use of laser dentistry to treat a variety of dental problems has been commercially available since 1989. The heat created by lasers is what dentists use to cut, reshape, and clean soft or hard tissues in the mouth. We treat patients throughout the Columbia area who no longer have concerns about dental care after experiencing how pleasant laser dental treatment can be. Laser dentistry offers an alternative way to perform a variety of dental procedures, such as cleaning and remodeling teeth. Lasers allow dentists to clean and disinfect tooth roots and gum bags without having to remove the patient's gums. While traditional dental cleaning is precise, the possibility of using a laser can help avoid inconsistencies or hard-to-reach spots.

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