Can I Get a Dental Laser Cleaning with Braces?

Should I get dental care with braces or is it enough to see the orthodontist? Even if you visit your orthodontist frequently, it is important to continue regular checkups with your dentist. Braces can make you more prone to problems such as plaque buildup and tartar, and depending on the type of braces you choose, your teeth may require additional measures to stay clean. Orthodontic appliances can also weaken enamel. However, modern orthodontics offers treatment options that everyone can feel comfortable with, allowing patients to receive the right dental care at the same time.

Laser treatment is the best option for orthodontics as it is quick and easy, and most treatment areas can be numbed with topical anesthesia (without injections). The laser disinfects as it heals, so there is little bleeding, swelling, or infection. The discomfort is similar to that of a sunburn and only lasts about a day. Getting frequent dental exams and cleanings are some of the best dental services you can receive while wearing braces, because keeping your teeth clean and cavity-free will help make your smile that much more beautiful in the end.

During a dental exam, dentists often ask a series of questions to gather more information about the patient's oral health, previous dental history, and goals. A dental cleaning appointment with braces in place follows the same structure as any other dental cleaning appointment. With laser dentistry, there is no need to separate the gum tissue from the tooth structure in order to use a metal dental tool to scrape away plaque and tartar. This means that your gums will look much healthier after the consultation than with a traditional deep dental cleaning.

Additionally, because your gums won't get inflamed or irritated and you won't experience any significant bleeding, the recovery time after a deep cleaning with a laser dentist is much shorter than other treatments.

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